BaseGame Terrain

How do I make a straightforward terrain which has no bumps and pits and whatsoever… a smooth terrain… the Flag Rush tutorials in the wiki denotes a tutorial on how to make a terrain with bumps and pits… please help

I think it depends a lot on what you want to do with it later.

This creates a heightmap with a very very small hill, pretty much flat i guess :slight_smile:

HillHeightMap heightMap = new HillHeightMap(64, 1, 0.0001f, 0.001f, (byte)1);

If you just need a flat surface, maybe a simple large quad will fit? Probably not because with one large quad, lighting and stuff will be difficult. But maybe many tiled quads will fit.

Yes I think I'd like to go with many tiled quads… I don't think I'll be having problems with lighting as of now… I just like to make simple events from little knowledge I know… another thing is… I'd like to know how I would be able to make an array of boxes… I tried to… and I reference to them using this…

rootNode.getChild(box[1]).setLocalScale blah blah blah…

but it seems I'm going wrong… could you enlighten me on the matter?


it depends where your box is located within the scenegraph…

the rootnode.getChild(Spatial s) only searches the fist 2 levels of the scenegraph… so if your boxes are some levels below this, you wont find it!

but why would you even find it?

if you have a reference to your box stored in the array anyway? :?