Basixs Wait for your help

hello basixs

I would like to ask you have a lot of questions.

I hope you can leave your Emil.

I will put detailed questions related to send to you.

My English is not very good.

To rely on google translation.


I would be glad to help (as much as I can, my time is minimal these days), but out of curiosity why not just ask here?

I rely on all the other monkeys here to correct me when I am wrong (or just plain don't know); which seems to happen a lot :D.

basixs said:

I rely on all the other monkeys here to correct me when I am wrong (or just plain don't know); which seems to happen a lot :D.

Ha, I am not a monkey, but a gorilla!

Wow, you must have a really big keyboard :smiley:

…nope, you are not up to date basixs :wink:

For monkeys, seniors, or other featherbrained “animals”, who are not able to use a common keyboard

Apple announced this @ MacWorld a few weeks ago  :mrgreen:

sorry for hitchhiking this thread

-> back to topic

Why wouldn’t you ask here in the forums?

So if you find a solution for a problem, others would benefit from it as well.

If you would like to get some help “urgendly” try the #jme at freenode IRC.

And it took me only about 2 hours to write this 10 line thread :smiley:

HAHA, if you listen (around 1:20) closely to that video the guy says "Everything on you laptop is just a few hundred clicks away…".

I don't know about you, but having to use the 'mouse' to write code would be agonizing :smiley:

AND 19MIN battery life??

For (entry) $2,600?? That's SWEET, but can't I just put my money in the trash instead??

THE absolute best part of that video comes at the very end, that's my kind of woman right there :smiley:

(If I didn't KNOW this was a joke vid, I could easily see Jobs doing something like this…)

"I'll buy anything that's shiny and comes from apple."

Hello basixs.

Very pleased to be able to get so many people's concern.

Gradually felt like a big family.

My standard of English may be required Google Translate. I am sorry

About 3ds Max software is up to max format. How loaded into JME Lane. I need to.

It now appears that the model has been in a file conversion job … do not want to waste time on in the model.

Tried to work … but did not succeed. JME a few people in China seem to do so …

Information … all the information from abroad,

However, real progress is slow …

I think. I should be more efforts to learn English has been …

Ok, things getting clearer… no i can guess what your 1st problem is.

About 3ds Max software is up to max format. How loaded into JME Lane. I need to.

Ok, things getting clearer... no i can guess what your 1st problem is.

You are creating your models in 3dsMax, and save your files as .max.
But .max is a special format from autodesk, it is no format for exchanging 3D-Model-Data to other tools/programms.
Therefor you need to export (File->Export selected) your model into any other fileformat, like .3ds, .dae, .obj.
Using your models in one of those formats will let you import it into jme.
For the first check if your model will look nice in jme i suggest to use the com.jme.util.Modelloader. Just run it in Eclipse. It can import all of the suggested fileformats.

So i hope you'll get your fist model into jme!

Thank you .:emp…imm0|82:.

Is necessary because of my skeleton animation so (.obj),(.3ds) exclude lost.

(*.dae) can support the bones. But when from 3dmax (File-> Export selected-> . dae)

After (
.dae) file is corrupted. Skeleton animation disappear.

Jme inside can not be displayed.

Very helpless … no way …

MD5Importer works really well for skeleton animations.

This exporter for max even works with bipeds, have had good results with it

ok, that you have a animated model, with skeleton animation is new information as well :wink:

So yeah, as Del mentioned, the only really working solution to get models with skeleton animation into jme is the MD5 format. At least in my experiance…

I don’t know how the progress of the OgreImporter is currently.

As you figured out allready, the collada .dae format should be capable of exporting skeleton animation, but for some reasons (either because autodesk doesn’t follow the .dae specification, or the jme.ColladaImporter doesn’t, or both ;)) it’s not possible to import .dae files with animations into jme. But for static models .dae is fine.

You might check, there is a plugin for 3dsMax for exporting to .dae. It’s called ColladaMax. But it’s not working for animated models as well.

To export models from 3dsMax you need the MD5-Export script by “der_ton” (see Del’s Doom3 link)

To have an early check if the model and it’s animations were exported correctly, use “der_ton’s” MD5_Viewer. edit Sorry, slight mistake: the tool by der_ton is called modelviewer. Can be found on the Doom3 site as well. And in adition there is another javabased tool called MD5_viewer.

As Del mentions, I’ve made good experiances with Max’s bipeds too.

And i really puke, that i’m not allowed to use 3dsMax in Office, so a have to have these constant battles with a fuc*in OpenSource Programm called “Blender”

The author want’s to clarify that this is only his very own opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

So i guess you have most of the information you need.

a short step by step list:

-create your model mesh (to export it as .md5 it has to be one single mesh afaik No sorry, this was an restriction by the MD5Exporter by “Berserker”)

-create an appropriate bonestructure or use the biped-object max is offering (i suggest last)

-connect model and bones/biped by using the “skin modifier” in max.

-animate your model ( i think there is a small bug with the orientation of the “root” of the biped. so you have to rotate it once about 90

How are you dear friend …

thank you md5 the information you provided great help to me …

but it seems in many respects md5 there are still a lot of questions such


number of model documents to md5 Maxscript error occurred.

Conversion model model tilt mapping of the problem …

but have not been able to be resolved …

I think these questions are all solutions can be used to md5 but when questions are generated by me as well as the mapping problem can not be resolved should be … I am…

seems to have been unable to find a mapping document …

private void overrideTextureKey(){

        try {

                MultiFormatResourceLocator locator = new MultiFormatResourceLocator(Main.class



                        , new String[]{".tga", ".bmp", ".jpg", ".png"});

                ResourceLocatorTool.addResourceLocator(ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_TEXTURE, locator);

        } catch (URISyntaxException e)




Also how to control the action of bone md5?

Such as "w" key to walk "o" die.

md2 ms3d bones control method seems to not be the same as md5.