Battle For the Sun - 3D tower defense game

Please try my demo and tell me what you think!!

What device do you have and does the game run? Does it run well?

What is good, what is bad, what do you think is missing?

Any issues?

link is:

There is gameplay footage on the Play store link.


Tried to play on Alcatel Pop c9,but loading was very long.

Game did near 10-20 fps and sensiblity for aiming was too high. I think concept is cool but i can’t understand if i’m right as playing is nearly impossibile :\

EDIT: Restarted the game and it runs really smooth now,don’t know why. Anyway i think control are a bit rough.

Thanks for the feedback! Could you elaborate on “controls are a bit rough?” Is it just that the sensitivity is too high or is there more to it than that?

Well i think that a guide on how to move and what are the objectives of the game would be awesome ^^

Also,what about a PC release?

EDIT:Tested again today multiple times,FPS are low when units spawn,i think you should work on movement code as it’s too heavy for a medium mobile hardware.