Battle For the Sun - a 3D Tower Defense game

Hi All

I have been working quite hard on this project and now feel like I need some feedback.

My game is a 3d tower defense game where the play can control the turrets. There are different turrets to be purchased, each with strengths and weaknesses. Also the player can buy Air Support assistance when things get a little hectic!

Please tell me what you think.

In particular, I feel there are issues with the controls, however I am not sure how to make them more intuitive. If you have any comments about this I would love to hear them.

Google Play link


downloading on my android now… I let you know after i play for a while looks fun :slight_smile:

Overall i really like the game and i think its a nice twist to a tower defense game. I downloaded on my htc one x. when i downloaded it it showed the icon for it but on my home screen it shows just an android icon instead of the sun. i feel the game could be a little more user friendly but its not to bad. i think the towers that you aren’t controlling should have some sort of ai to attack the nearest enemies so in the later waves you don’t just have one turret that you are controlling doing all the work. i think you could also make the map look a little nicer because the turrents dont really match the art style of the rest of the game haha but thats not a big deal at all.

keep up the good work the game really is fun and different :slight_smile:

OK after fixing some of the issues that I felt were holding the game back, I’d love to hear what you think now! Please let me know.