Beginner question on 3ds import light/camera import

Hi all,

is there a way to import light / camera data from 3ds and export to jme format ? I need a way to read this info to reconstruct the scene…

im not so sure about the camera, but lights, certinely.

All you have to do is export to 3ds, and convert to jME. And everything should be magical :slight_smile:

Materials are also supported.


I know about the converters, but i’m having problems with both the 3ds and ase converters. The only one the convert without problems my model is the milkshape converter…

I don’t know if camera/light does not worked due to bad conversion…

Does anybody (the author, maybe :slight_smile: ) know if the cameras are supported ?

That was me btw :slight_smile:

They get converted, but when i load they does display wrong… sorry i can’t link a screenshot now.

For lights / camera (and object placing) i’have adopted another approach, but i think i’m having troubles with different coordinate systems. I will make another post, since it’s not striclty related to this one…

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: