Best 3d format for jme3

I tried the hello collision example with my own .obj model, but it looks weird and deformed… So I think that the .obj format is not a good choice? What would be the best format to export my 3d models?.. Many people use ogreXML, but I don’t know how to export it with Autodesk Maya 2011…

The obj format is good for static models and it should work, could you post a screen of how deformed it is?

Ogre is good because it supports skeletal animations, I think there is an Ogre Exporter for maya see on this page

look here for ogreExporters [OGRE Exporters]

Is it possible during the course of modeling that you rotated the model in object space?

so…i did record a little video… :wink: So…what could be the problem? thx


ok try that after loading your model


is that better?

hmm try inverting the normals in the editor

or adding this line while loading the model TangentBinormalGenerator.generate(scene);

or doing what nehon suggested

I lately imported an obj model from maya 11 and I had to flip the textures and do the Tangents thing to make it work.

hmmm…with the tangents thing it’s like before… what do you mean with flip the textures?

wich format are you using for your games?

J3o :stuck_out_tongue: