Best approach for efficient graph rendering?

Hello all,

I just wanted to first thank you guys for creating jME, it's fantastic.  I've had a pretty good experience using it to create basic things in clojure (a new dynamic language (a lisp) for the JVM

My objective is to render as efficiently as possible a network of selectable points and lines where the points have associated text labels.  I originally did this with spheres, cylinders, and 3DText (probably ranks pretty low on the efficiency scale). I moved to using boxes and SharedMesh and that gave a boost. I was planning on using geometryinstancing or simply using the Point and Line classes.

Can this be done with geometryinstancing?  In particular, can geometryinstances be selected with a mouse?

Can individual points in a Point object be selected? (lines in a Line object?)

Is the most efficient way to display text to render on a quad like in this post? (

Is there some other option that's better than these?