Best graphics resources/artefacts websites?

Hi again, and a Happy new Year to everyone.

I’m pleased to say that I am working jolly hard to get my game (ahem) working. I am now hitting a wall on getting decent 3d models in to it. I am looking at various resources. One interesting one I found is here:

Does anybody know of a good website with a large number of consistent looking 3d models? As well as houses, trees etc, I’d also like animatable human/monster models. My game has a fantasy theme, but I can probably shift it to any format if there is enough to work with.

I’m prepared to pay a bit of money (not too much  :-o).

It’s frustrating because the person who initially showed an interest in helping me out artistically has been dragging their heels  :x

Thanks again


PS This strikes me as a subject that would have been brought up on these forums before. I tried a few searches with no luck. So apologies in advance if this is already a well thumbed issue.

Look here:

D'oh !

I shall blame the search engine then !

Also, I can see that I should have checked the wiki here:

I'll lock this topic as it's clearly a duplicate.