Best place to learn how to use JMonkeyEngine?

I know Java and have been using Java for a little while so I don’t think using the JMonkeyEngine is going to confuse me or anything. I have been looking at the JMonkeyEngine 3 beginners book but I don’t really want to read a whole book before I can make some games so what is the best place to learn this engine given that I have java experience and want to start making games right now.

Best to start with the tutorials for beginners. They cover most things you will need to know in order to get started.

Oh … and download and install the jME3 SDK. It will do a lot of the configuring for you and get you off to a quick start.

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You’ll still read more than a book worth of info before you write a game that actually matters though ^^

Yeah, just go through all the tutorials and then you should start with a small game. Seriously, at least I learn programming best by symply programming. So start with a game, get used to the engine and if you don’t know how to go on, search the internet or ask here. Once you completed that game you are probably advanced enough to start something bigger. That’s the way I do it with almost every new framework :slight_smile:

But as @normen said, it of course is a long process and you cannot expect to write a MMORPG with 100k players, a new combat system, craftable magic spells and 100 different types of enemies after reading the tutorials / one book.

Normens youtube videos = best way to get kickstarted imo.