Best practice: How to import Blender-models with multiple materials

Hi there,

when i import ogre-models (or convert ogre-model to j3o) that contains normal maps, the normal map is not recognized by jme!!! I never figured out why! i read this and tried a thousand times but without success:
No i use this workaround:

my regular way to import objects from blender into jme is to export the blender-object via ogre exporter, create a *.j3o from the *.scene file and create a j3m. In the j3m i set Diffuse-, Normal- and Specularmap and some other parameters. Then i load the j3o and the j3m during runtime and assign the material to the spatial. Works fine so far and is an acceptable way to load model assets i think.

That way of loading modelassets works pretty good as long as i only have one material attached to the object in blender.

My current problem is: I create a bigger level with Blender. There i have to tile floors- and wall- textures and stuff like that. So i scale the UVCoords of the floors and walls ways bigger than the texture itself is. I do it the way, this guy does it:
[video]Blender GE 2.6 FPS Tutorial - Level Design P1 - YouTube

But with this method i have to use multiple materials (for floors and walls etc…). Now when i export my scene with ogre-exporter i get one *.scene file and multiple material-files.

I think i have to import the scene file during runtime and search for the spatials inside the imported spatial and assign the materials to their specific spatial. Is THAT the best practice of loading models with multiple materials and why does jme does not recognize the normal map?