Best program to create Models?

hi, i was looking at the tutorials…

but i couldnt choose…

what is the best program to create models??

Blender? 3d Studio Max?

and in what extension??

.obj? .3ds?

what should i choose ?

Thanks !

I like using Blender ( it’s free :wink: and works well, although the interface takes some time to learn but isn’t a problem after that.  Blender comes packaged with exporters for many formats (including obj and 3ds) and more can be installed (they are just python script files).  I like using obj for non-animated objects since the file format is simple and it can export textures and materials.  You can import it into jme using the ObjToJme class in jme.  For animation, I am using MD5.  I export using der ton’s md5 export plugin for blender: (forum link: and then jme user Neakor’s MD5 importer plugin: to get it into jme.

OBJ for static models.

MD5 for animated models.

^ that's the answer I got when I asked about model formats for JME some months ago.

A little side-question here: Do you guys know of a MD5 exporter for 3D studio max 7?

alucardeck said:

3d Studio Max?

if you got the money 

Maybe gmax?

renanse said:

Maybe gmax?

Do you have a MD5/obj exporter for gmax somewhere?

first google hit…