Best way to have the guiNode rotated on android

Well, I’m trying some small things with android but the guiNode is set to fit the screen when phone is in horizontal position (So, X will be up-down and Y right-left).

However, what I want to do must have the screen in vertical position. I’m new with android and this could be a really easy thing so if anyone knows how… I’ll be glad to copy that knowledge :smiley:

guiNode.rotate(0, 0, FastMath.QUARTER_PI)?

ok, that’s a good way to rotate it, however it would be HALF_PI O.o. Anyway, this isn’t what I’m looking for as is the first thing I tried, then, I tried to translate it it to match the screen but… even if I succeeded with this, the width-height of the cam would continue altered. Maybe isn’t the right question to “rotate” the guiNode but the viewport somehow?, or the cam dimensions?.
I could handle the guiNode if rotating and translating it (I suppose) but then, what happens with lemur components, for example?, will they be aware of this when layouting?. Well… I think I didn’t try it enough.

Generally, lemur doesn’t care about the size of the camera. (If it did then the components wouldn’t work in 3D anyway.)

I think if you wanted to rotate the underlying frame buffer (which is what I think you’d have to do to support a rotated camera) then you’d have to hack into lwjgl calls.

:chimpanzee_lobotized: Well… I’ll continue trying things on it this afternoon xD.

Ok, I don’t know what kind of tests I did but it were the wrong one.

It works just fine with:

    guiNode.setLocalRotation(new Quaterion().fromAngleAxis(FastMath.HALF_PI, Vector3f.UNIT_Z));
    guiNode.setLocalTranslation(camera.getWidth(), 0, 0);

public float getWidth() {
    return camera.getHeight();

public float getHeight() {
    return camera.getWidth();