Best Way To Quickly "Switch" Terrains?

Hey all.

I got an awesome random terrain generator working that randomly spawns pyramids all over a desert map. I’d like to make these pyramids into “dungeons” of sorts.

In order to fit the right number of rooms into the dungeon, I wanted to let the player go underground. Because the pyramids spawn randomly on top of the sand, though, the player can’t travel through the sand and into the dungeon.

Making the sand disappear wherever there’s a pyramid seems a bit too complex. I thought of an alternative, which is just moving the dungeon somewhere else on the map and teleporting the player there once they reach a certain point in the “overworld” pyramid. A simple setlocaltranslation should be able to do that.

I was primarily hoping to hear ideas from the community on ways to tackle the issue. Even though physically moving the dungeon and effectively teleporting the player should work, I wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas. Doing this sort of disjointed map approach is common in a lot of games.

Thanks a ton


Hm you could do like a bit fat door,

when you approach it, play like a small cutscene, where it opens, while in cutscene, you can position the camera in a way, that it is in your inside part exactly fitting.

So basically outside free running
-> go to door
Camera focuses on closed door, avatar approaches it (in cutscene) meanwhile teleport player and camera to exactly identicall looking point in your inside scene
Door opens to the now inside scene, player goes in
Close door after player, so he cannot see into the void.

Basically I plan to use a similar system for docking in my spacegame, just using a cutscene with a docking port. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a really good idea. The cutsceen can break up the awkward load time of the dungeon.

Thank you!