Betaville jME3 Port Update

The port I mentioned some time back is indeed underway. It didn’t really get started in earnest until recently but at least its underway. We’re using jME3 in conjunction with the NetBeans Platform (same as what the SDK’s editor features run in). Development now is a little slower than would be expected because we’re still getting our footing with the NetBeans API’s but we’re getting satisfaction out of the combo.

As a native of Queens, NY I thought I’d share with you all a view of the remnants of the 1964 World’s Fair that I grew up looking up at.

Currently implemented is a jME2 AssetLoader, the coordinate system (based around UTM), and selection integrated into the NetBeans API. Special thanks to @normen for his know-how and moral support as I’ve been smashing my head into my desk some days over things like lookups :slight_smile:



very nice :slight_smile: