Big Maps Theory

Hello! I’m sitting here with my coffee and thinking about the project we got. It’s a mmorpg 3d browser game. While i was thinking about it i ran into a “problem”. As i learned , jmonkey renders only spatials that are visible. That means if i make a huge scene with trees and houses etc in blender and load it into my game , jmonkey is going to render the whole scene cause it is only one model,right?

If im right with that , what 's the most common way to make a huge scene without making a normal pc go crazy?

Make scene in blender containing several models.

If you know export it as a ogrexml Scene (not mesh) the Scene is basically linking to several meshes it creates on export. So Jme then has several different Models instead of a large one. (Also take a look at the TestScene thingy, this shows how to load a scene and also you can see how the objects get culled via the objects count in the debug gui thingy.