Bike.jme issue

Hello there,

i was wondering how i turn my model into a .jme file like the bike.jme?

Are skeleton animations supported?

Is there a tutorial, because i didn't find anything usefull in the wiki…


Run this class (which is part of jME). It is a loader that loads every available

model and automatically converts it to .jme.  (as I see ogre3d and md5 aren’t available yet)

If you want to use bone animations there are as far as I know only 3 options.

-Ogre3d (blender exporter)

-MD5 (blender exporter)

-Milkshape (ms3d)  (milkshape)

Ogre is part of jme2 so I would say start trying with this.

Here are two tutorials you could use for the beginning

Which exporter would you guys recommend? I need these features: UV Texturing and Bone Animation!

Also i'm a poor guy and just have blender available… :slight_smile:


I've tried out two model formats but unfortunately didn't try it with animations…First .ms3d and second .obj. A .obj file (Lightwave) comes with a .mtl and a texure file, I think so you got it separated and you can read .obj files with a simple text editor. (I'm not shure about this aspect and .ms3d)

Maybe this could help you.

thx for these usefull tutorials…

there is a last question, but it more concerns the armature of my model. I read that there are IK Solvers in Blender which help you animating the models. Such an IK bone is something like an bone collection and if you move your IK bone the collection also moves. The big advantage is that you do not have to grab every bone and move it…

Example: you have a human model -> make 2 IK, one on each hand. With it you can easily move the hand whereever you want…

Now there is the problem of "just one root bone" in jme and IKs do not have parents…

Is there any chance to use them and also animate in jme or has somebody some experiences with that and can give me a advice?

thx alot

Why should they have no parent?

If you have for example


(and the same for the left_side to the left)

In this example the root of all is bone-neck. You set the ik-solver on bone-hand and that’s it(every bone

has a parent).

BTW: IK Solver is only as far as I know not exported. It may just be used for a help positioning the

bones but in jme you don’t have it. (at least with ogre-export)

BTW2: I really like Ogre3d-Export/Import! Sadly it is quite often not possible to load the animation! Don’t actually know why, some buffer problem! If it is not working try md5 with md5-importer