Bind to IP address?


I am looking for a way to bind jme3 network services to an IP address on a multi homed system.

Looking at the networking classes I see things like

Server myServer = Network.createServer(6143);

But when I look for class to bind a network address I find thing like

No usage of

Is there a way to do something like this

Socket socket1 = new Socket();
socket1.bind(new InetSocketAddress(“”, port));


The Network class is supposed to be a helper class for 99% of uses… thus it binds to all interfaces. It’s rare that you would need to bind to just a specific one.

You can manually (and trivially) do what is doing internally to setup the underlying connection stuff… then you will have more control over how it is constructed. The source for is easy to find either in the IDE or in github.

Thanks. That is what I figured but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.