BioMonkey media thread

Try this again…

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On thing I’ve pondered with the terrain shaders is that when the terrain is viewed from a distance the tiling of the textures is really obvious… do you have a plan for this?

Nice looking videos btw.

I don’t know much about that. I guess use a higher resolution texture. Grass will hide some of it as well. These ones are just poorly scaled and I guess maybe they’re not that good.

When the system matures I’m probably gonna add an option to pre-blend all terrain textures into either one texture, or a grid of like 2x2 or 4x4 and use those in the shader instead (no splatting in the shader). When the system becomes more advanced, I think this may become neccessary. The ground texture limit will dissapear then.

Hmm, procedural textures for the various terrains might be very interesting - would solve the tiling problems.

If you want a media thread, I suggest you close it :stuck_out_tongue: We’re all gonna be too tempted to comment on your stuff, and you’re gonna have one massive thread covering all of your interlinked topics again.

These videos are an update on your progress in the Biomes thread, right? So I would do it like this:

(1) In Biomes thread, post these videos and explain your progress like you always do so well. People interested in these particular updates are already checking for them in that thread.

(2) Now for the media, you simply drop in the video link(s) and include a link to the relevant thread (or more relevant #post-tag within that thread).

It’s up to you whether the media post would be just one constantly edited thread or one that you reply to with new updates, although bumping with replies is not really necessary as long as this thread is stickied and the actual update is always posted where the discussion should take place - this thread’s main purpose is for newcomers to catch up on the main goodies, right?

In the future I’m hoping to have an “outgoing & incoming links” widget for threads that could be enabled to make greater use of link building like this.

p.s. https links won’t get embedded.

Ok thanks.