Bitmap text bug?

I have a method:


void talk(String txt, Vector3f pos, boolean forceSay)


if (talkTime > 0)


if (Main.rnd.nextFloat() > 0.01f && forceSay == false)


Vector3f v = cam.getScreenCoordinates(new Vector3f(pos.x - 2, pos.y + 5f, pos.z));



talkTime = (float) txt.length() * 0.1f;

_pos = pos;



which writes some “talking” above characters.

Some time ago if I put txt="" (empty string), jme3 crashes. Now I just updated SDK and If I put “”, all texts come very large fonts (well, better than crashing :wink: ).

Somehow this “” to setText() doesnt work right.

(if you wonder, why I want sometimes put “”, this is because I want older text to disappear)

I think @sbook patched this yesterday, but it still might not be perfect. In the mean time, you can get around it by passing in " " (a blank space).


with " " (with one space) it works right (and old text disappears, better than “.” (one dot which was quite ugly there).

The latest stable (which is available now ;)) fixes this

What are the chances of this going unnoticed for so long and then two people noticing it within 24 hours?? :?

Glad it made it to the stable merge!

Actually I noticed that couple of weeks ago, but forgot write “bug report”. I then just used “.” workaround.

:slight_smile: but good that when create “bug report”, it seems to be fixed quickly.