Black Screen on Camera-Rotation


i have kind of a recurring Problem i can’t point to a specific source.

My game uses a Scene with Skybox, some Fixed Models as part of the map and movable Units, (AI & Player).

Sometimes the Screen goes black. Not the HUD, just the 3d-Space - including the Skybox!

I’m using a slightly modified Chasecam, rotating around the selected Unit. Debug-Output shows, it’s excactly where it should be, as is the direction of the Camera.

  • Since i’m using a HUD-Icon to highlight the selected Unit i see, that the Cam is still pointed at the unit.
  • Rotating the camera i often find an area where the cam works again, as long as i don’t rotate out of it.
  • There is no other model even close to the cam or the selected Unit.
  • The Scene only has 1 Pointlight, Bloomfilter enabled, currently not Antialias
  • It’s a multiplayer game, both client and Server keep running, no Exceptions. Problem does no show for other Players connected at the same time (but sometimes they are reporting the same problem on their side)

Any ideas how to track this down?

I remember having a similar problem (long ago).
Does this still happen if you remove the skybox?

It seems like it might be culling related. Check to be sure your objects have proper bounding shapes and/or you haven’t messed up their cull hint somehow. Is your skybox a child of rootNode or a child further down?

i had a similar issue once when experimenting with the skybox. it was related to the skybox’s radius. If you change the radius you might want to try leaving it at the default. certain radiuses and camera rotations would block drawing of everything.

thanks. It’s definity connected to the skybox.
A Simple detaching and re-attaching to the rootnode solves the Problem when it occurs. Now i have to find a way to know when it happens, so the game can fix this without user-input.

I worked quite a few hours on the game yesterday and didn’t get it on every run. i checked: the skynode is not moving or anything, radius is default. I don’t want to re-attach the skybox every [n]-Frames. Might it be better to add The skybox to the Camera?

maybe set the skybox’s cullHint to never

What version of JME are you running?

Couldn’t exactly pin it down, but it hasn’t happend for quite some time now.

Maybe the source of the problem was completly unconnected, i had another function influencing Vector3f.UNIT_Y - which caused much more errors … might be connected to that.