.blend files modifiers and materials on JMonkey

I need some help with some questions and I can´t find the asnwer anywhere (maybe because I´m new to jme), thanks in advance if you can provide some answers.
I just started working with JMonkey and there´s a few things I´m curious about.

From what i read here: http://jmonkeyengine.org/tour/assets-pipeline/
“2 – Run Blender scripts via the jME3 SDK interface, making it possible to use Blender as a highly sophisticated model converter, among many other things.”
It says jme can run the .blend file, so:
Does this mean it´s possible to use for example: mirror and arrays without applying the modifiers in Blender and still be showed correctly on the engine? If so, what´s the weight on the engine?
If it´s easier for the engine to mirror an object than using a full model then I need to know that =P
Can I create cycles materials and without baking will it translate good into the engine?

I have been working with Blender + Unreal Engine 4 so now I´m very interested in jME, it´s possiblitites and reach.

Some features of blender are supported but you should still strive to make proper game compatible models. Everything gets “baked” in one form or the other so you don’t have any performance gains. Simply make clean meshes with bone animation and color, specular and normal maps like for any game engine and leave the other 3D editor features aside for offline rendering.

Well it might sound like im “not striving” and you think “there´s no perfomance gain”, but if I don´t have to bake the textures that it´s a huge time savior especially baking with Cycles, just saying. Since JME uses .blend files directly what´s the point of going to the same procedures when exporting .fbx. or .obj.? So what´s the advantage to use the .blend file again?

First, Jm3 still need to convert blend files to j3o format.
Second, the blender direct file converter as far as I know is not complete, some features like bone animation dont export, to export animations you need other export methods like ogre.
Hope it helps.

Thank you for your reply.
If it´s not complete then what features are actually working any place i can get info on that?
I just want to export static meshes no animations, thats why my concern about the materials and modifiers.

You can find all this info in the wiki, also, there is a complete guide of how to make objects in blender and export here : http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:external:blender?s[]=blender

Thank you wagfeliz!

Sorry for answering your questions. Won’t make that mistake again.

I had a legit question and you are just being rude. I see a lot of artists with questions so it´s not just me. Artists are actually trying to get to work with this engine and if that bothers you, you´re right don´t asnwer it´s better than being rude.

What exactly was “rude” about what I said…??? If you want to believe I am rude you can read that into “Have a good day” as well I suppose. Everything I said was meant that way, if you want to read into that “learn how to model noob” I guess that says more about you than me.

Wow. Continuing to be rude…