Blend to ogre plugin


I read the tutorial " Hello assets" . There it says that I should generate the models in blend and use the blend to ogre plugin to generate XML. format. My question is how can I get the blend to ogre plugin and run it in blender. I have the newest blender version, 2.76.
For what do I need the Phyton script?

Thanks for your help!


With the latest versions you can just import the .blend directly. Also the SDK comes with a bundled blender.

Try to use blend to j3o first

But also the latest beldner2ogre found here
it works fine with me in 2.76a except some minor issues with animations, that could be fixed easily

I think if you type something like “ogre3d” or “ogre2blender” in the sdk help textbar, it will automatically install the plugin. But note that the Ogre 3D format is about to be deprecated

as I remember this one does not work with 2.76

as I remember this one does not work with 2.76

oh. didn’t knew that. I just use blend files now for both static and animated models. I suppose it’s ok?

I still have an issue with material in my models created using makehuman when imported from blender directly, but I need to review it , as far as ogre3d will be deprecated, so it is better to stick with @normen recommendation to use blend directly

Hm… all links to the wiki on this “tour” page are broken.
The URL has changed a little bit - here is one example that fits all links:

From Skullstone’s team experience:

  • direct .blend importing is the best way to import static objects.
  • ogre importer is the best way to import animated models.

Both are valid for JME 3.0. For ogre there are few tricks that you must do.
As far as I know XBuf, which should be much better than above solutions, is still not released in its final version.


Actually this what I do now, but I will give blend another try
it is highlighted the ogre to be deprecated, as well as the future of blend 2 ogre is not clear
I like ogre because it is xml so I can go around and fix or quickly modify something,

Xbuf is great but till now I am not yet comfortable with protobuf