Blender cycles material baking into usable JME3 textures

JME blender importer cant be adapted to import blender cycles material, the incompatibilities seems too much, right?

So I found these options below, they seem to basically allow the cycles material to be exported into simple textures that are compatible/usable by JME3.

(I think this was the development stages of the cycles baking code if u r interested: Cycles Baking — Blender Developers Blog)

I thought on it because most cycles materials are not based on textures like I had the luck here.

I am new on blender, so I wonder if someone was able to make it work, I am trying in some models like this one, and I am still having a hard time…

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I did it before as follow baking make the rendered result as image and then apply it as diffuse map image
But in my case the result was not fine, so I remake it using texture paint, it gives me better result in the game play, your case might be different

Me too …
Here is the model in cycle render mode :

But it does not look like as it should be in below

It has no texture !

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But about Texture Baking …
I think Even though it is cool but it’s use case is in more advanced places (like in modern AAA games) . For now I prefer to just stick to some simple techniques unless I am a pro !
But if you make any success about using it please let us know :grinning:

purple is the default color used by blender if texture, not in the right path, check the node-editor for images paths

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sometimes baking used as well, for optimization for example lights if you have a none moving light it is recommended to do light baking in order to have the light effect pre-rendered and take the burden of the physics engine