Blender exports materials to glsl! Useful for JME3?

Hi everyone!

I recently found a quite interesting addon for blender which allows you to export existing materials to glsl :o .

You can find it here:

Now I would like to know if it is possible to convert the .vertex and .fragment shaders so they’re compatible with JME3…

Would be awesome for people with more of an artistic background who have no skills in glsl (like me) :roll:


it does not export in my case. I tried blender 2.60, 2.62, 2.63.

That looks interesting.

Instead of using the addon-panel, try using the command “gpu.export_shader(Scene,mat)”

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i have an issue:

you have to import the gpu module first. Try “import gpu”.

it does not work too. Can you give me the code from this material:

Sure, will upload it when i’m back home

Vertex shader:

Fragment shader:

Thank you man! Blender shader is pretty complex.

I want to export ver and frag, I created my object3d and materials, finally when I exported materials, I have this error: