Blender generated textures deformed when imported

Hello! I’ve read at Blender importer for jMonkeyEngine 3 that generated textures are supported. Now, when I try to import them, I get only partial results…

Here is how it looks in Blender

And here is how it looks in jMonkey

P.S. I know that I can UV unwrap the model and apply the texture as a .png. It is not something I am looking for.

As far as i know you need to have uv.

In fact, you are right. What I wanted here does not demand some complex or manual UV mapping. One can just use a Smart UV Project option in Blender. This generates texture coordinates for vertices in a Blender made model (NB: If you do not UV map you model in Blender, there are no texture coordinates and you can use only colored materials). Afterwards, you can use texture’s setWrap(Texture.WrapMode.Repeat) and scaleTextureCoordinates of the mesh in order to get the right dimensions of the texture.

When I import my model from blender file it looks fine in the preview, but then texture does not repeat while I’m running the app. Is there specific option I need to set in blender or during import process?

Here is when importing

and here is after

The textures are probably not in repeat mode, you might try a assetlistener to change them after loaded, or iterate over the loaded node and modify the materialinstances the blender loader used.

Are you suggesting to do it in code? Or do it during the import or after in SceneComposer? Sorry for being nube but I’m very new jme. (two weeks or so)

Both works depending on your workflow.
If you use the Scenecompose, modifying the materials from there is probably the easiest way.

I asked to generate j3md file. Is that what you suggest? I’m trying to look through the props - cant locate where I can make texture repeatable.

Thank you for your help

Nm found it :smile: