Blender Import: Array / Mirror modifier

For development purposes it’s actually quite nice to have some modifiers implemented in the blender importer, because then applying them isn’t necessary. So, I’d like to report two issues I’ve come across:

  1. Array Modifier: The z-axis (OpenGL) seems to be interpreted in the opposite direction
  2. Mirror Modifier: Mirrored faces sometimes suddenly turn invisible, depending on the camera's position & direction

To demonstrate the issues I’ve created a model ( The blue blocks demonstrate the array modifier issue and the white box the one with the mirror modifier. To see the disappearing face the camera should be roughly:

Camera Position: (-3.5946305, 3.0712016, -4.746271) Camera Rotation: (0.1757361, -0.53153217, 0.11381282, 0.82075393) Camera Direction: (-0.8325122, -0.4094625, 0.3731808)

Thanks for the model :slight_smile:
I will tak a look at it today :wink:

OK, I fixed the bug with array modifier. Should be ok now.

But as for the mirror modifier there must be something with jme itself.
Because when I turn the cam in the position that the white box is only a little visible at the edge of the view - it vanishes too early.
And that happens not only to the mirrored part but to the original one as well.
And I have noticed that also in several other large models.

Could someone tell me what veririfies which objects are removed when not visible ?
Does calling
computes the proper bound or should I put it there myself ???


Cool, thank you for fixing the array modifier.

Concerning the mirror modifier, the problem disappears if modifiers are applied. I remember seeing a forum thread where you’ve discussed this issue with nehon. And it seems you’ve partially fixed it. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore…