Blender Importer Animation bugs?

Hi :wink: ,

I have downloaded a model from and created run cycle for it, but certain bones stretch in unexpected ways.

Here is my modified blend file:


To debug this i created a simple pose “Armature Action”. See the pic below.

As you can see, the leg is strangely distorted. I checked the rig with Skeleton Debugger lots of times, however the bones move as they should, just the mesh does not. I also reset the vertex groups, yet it didn’t change this behavior.

Thanks for your help :wink:

Finally, I managed to find a way to prevent this bug!!! Yeah.

Now here is the solution for others:

When inserting key frames in blender do not insert Location, or LocRot or LocRotScale, In other words if u only rotate bone use only Rotation.

How to fix existing animation: delete not needed location channels.

Yay, btw this really seems like a bug in jme3. I believe before one could use LocRotScale and get good rotation regardless.

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