Blender Importer doesn't fully render model

Hi, recently I have been noticing that the blender importer doesn’t import the entire model, Is this just the model, or is it a bug.

Maybe try to apply the transforms of the model in blender.

Try applying location, rotation and scale to both objects in blender (ctrl+a) and export it again. I guess that might solve it :wink:

how to apply rotation and scale? I’m confused by what you mean. Doesn’t the model already have that?

ctrl+a in object mode with the model selected.
You should have a popup with the option to apply different transforms

It means that the current LocRotScale should be the new “default”. Example: You created the object that is in the wrong position at 0,0,0 and then moved it to the right position in the model (let’s say 1,2,0), scaled and rotated it. If you export it it might still be exported with the default values. If you don’t want that you apply LocRotScale to use it’s current potision as new default. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

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