Blender importer - meshes with open figure as one face -> not exact import


Using 3.1-pre-alpha (current HEAD). Same in stable.

I have created simple model in blender. It consist of mesh with some faces, that are “open”. When viewing in blender the mesh looks like:

When I export the mesh to ogre3d format and then import/convert to j3o in JME3D SDK the model looks exactly as in blender:

But when I import the model directly from blender the faces which have “open” structure does not have proper representation.

Is this an error or something wrong in blender file ? Examples are provided in example file. This bug appears whenever the face is “open”.

thanks !

You should probably try to triangulate the model before importing it. I think the blender loader does it when importing but something must go wrong.

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thanks, that does the trick !

Anyway, i’ll look into blender import module, maybe somehow i could if not fix it, then tell where the problem might be in the code.

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