Blender Java Source Code Released

Just found this news on blendernation:

Just my thoughts… But what if we can use it for the world editor? It will be more powerful than SceneComposer, as there can be made models, uv-unwrapping, animations etc.

blender 2.63 will be soon under java. :slight_smile:

We are thinking about bundling the (native) version of blender with the SDK to avoid versioning and exporter issues and to make it easier to get a workflow going between the two. I think the specifics of the single steps (creating animation, creating textures etc) justifies having separate applications for that, just like you’d use Photoshop or Gimp for editing images. The point of the SceneComposer is to be specific to the engine and to bring together the “last mile” of the assets. “hacking” this into blender or emulating it via blender userdata etc. would just make for a mess and bring lots of small issues. And of course it’d mean big time maintenance for the adapted blender version :slight_smile:

I’ll post a thread about this some time soon but I really think bundling blender (just like the JDK in the future) incl. the working ogre exporter etc. and buttons/actions to open models and use blender from within the SDK would be nice. Ofc you could specify your own blender version just like with the JDK.


i’m excited… Will be waiting for that you wrote. :slight_smile:

I don’t really get the point of porting blender to java…