Blender -> JME

Hello, I want to export this model
Blender in JMonkeyEngine, but also there to add animation.
How to do it - through Ogre3d I tried, but have error in blender, export all at once: scene, models, animation, etc.
When you transfer a file .blend in Model JMonkey, JMonkey convert to the format but with errors and so the file is not created.
How to move all of the .blend into a working model JMonkey?

Well, what are those errors saying?

If convert by JME,
Error log:
Invalid structure name caused by invalid table length: null
Invalid structure name caused by invalid table length: null
Trying to write asset failed, asset data null!
Import failed?
Could not locate saved file.

If ogre3d

Can anyone load to your blender this .blend and try to convert?

Well the textures are invalid in the blend file, try to fix the paths and maybee ti works after that.

If you take a look in the comment section, you’ll see a post made by the OP’s author. - about 1mb

This zip file contains the textures needed to use/render Sintel Lite. Extract to the same folder as the .blend and it should automatically create a folder called ‘textures’ with all the image files in it. All should work as normal from there.

February 28, 2011 @ 09:38:45 pm (America/Chicago)

That should contain the correct textures for the .blend file.

There are too many issues with this model … As the Ogre export log shows. All of these issues must be fixed or else the model will not render correctly in jME.