Blender Models

What blender model types can I import to JME?

(In File>Export)

And if anyone can explain how to do it, it will be great, I do need to freshen-up my skill in coding, and specificly in this engine, but anyway if soneone can explain it it would be great :slight_smile:

On the very right under quick help “export from blender”. You can do .obj, ogre xml and blender files directly

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The ogre format is (almost) always the best way to export to jmonkey, hands down. Just install this plugin to blender

How do I install it?

Hmm, can’t say I agree with javagame on this. I’ve found the direct blender importer in the SDK works very well while I had a nightmare trying to get ogre to work.

Guess it’s a matter of try everything and see what agrees with you :slight_smile:

@zarch I always seem to have bad lighting and materials, and I cant use more complex features of blender reliably, like animation with the blender importer

@AlonGoltzman donwload the latest build and extract it to your blender/2.63/scripts/addons directory, I cant tell you where the root Blender directory is because it depends on your OS, most likely you are running windows so it will be in C:\ program files

That may be why then, I don’t import materials or animations - just models and uvmapping etc.

Ogre is the best format at present. It supports correct animation, UVTexcoord2, tangents.

You can use blender and obj for static models.

But for lightmaps and animated models you will defenetely need to use OGRE.