Blender Ogre Importer problem

Well I have a small problem with the OgreImporter from Blender.

The import option for > *.mesh doesn’t show up!

I use Blender 2.94b and Python 2.6.2! is inside the plugin directory.

I changed the 72 line to my OgreCommandTools.

Blender accepts the plugin and Python. Nevertheless, the importer doesn’t show up.

I am simply left to ask, why?

I found another one at

, but I think the blender importer is more advanced

Its only working for the xml format, not binary, you have to convert it with the command line tool (or use jMP)

Yes, i did! xD

To be sure, I tried to open both files with different importers. The ogre importer is not shown in the importer list, while blender command line tells me, it’s loaded. It’s kinda strange!

Anyway I dont think the importer is maintained anymore.