Blender Text Corrupting Model

Hi all,

When importing a model in Blender, it seems the text does not show up and that the whole object is corrupted. Is this normal? If so, are there any plans to implement text soon? If not, is there an easy way I can do it myself?


JME version: 3.2

Convert the text object to a mesh object, or add a triangulate modifier to the text and apply it on export.

But doesn’t this greatly impact performance? I tried this and even after decimating the text rendering is still quite slow.

So… what you are asking for is the blender loader to somehow magically convert Blender’s polygon based text into some kind of bitmap text?

…yeah, that’s never going to happen. While not impossible, it’s pretty close… and for little to no actual utility.

What is it that you are actually trying to do? There are probably better ways.

I’m trying to create a scene with signs.

Your best bet is to use textures with the words and have low poly shapes for the sign itself. 3d characters will eat up poly counts fast.

Is there a way I can turn the blender text object into a textured quad?

Create your sign,
setup your camera angle and the viewport to match the sign size your after under render panel,
render your sign with f12,
then in render results save the image.

You can then use that as your image for your material/texture and assign it to your sign object you export from blender.

Edit: its better to create a larger image and scale it down in uv editing than to create a small image and scale it up.

Thank you so much! I think I’ll just do that then. It seems like a much better approach than converting to a polygon mesh.

Also, just because I’m curious, do you know how the .blend file actually stores text objects internally?

No, Blenders internals are beyond my skill set

There are some monkeys that do know though. Maybe they will chime in.

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I’m pretty sure it’s storing it as pure text in the .blend - and in blender it’s a mesh you can’t see, and it keeps the text data that you can edit and then just re-creates the mesh. When you convert it to a mesh, it kinda finalizes it.