Blender to Jme animation With Constraint(Invert Kinematic)

I was wondering if the constraint are supported in jme3 or am I suppose to bake the animation and remove the constraint?

My animation is not quite what it should be… The finger and the hand move correctly but the arm just do what ever the **** they want and i can’t get them to work correctly.

I’ve tried to bake the animation and remove the constraint but i keep having a similar result.

If anyone as an idea how to correct the problem let me know

I stopped fight with animations when I started using OGRE exporter. And no, JME don’t use constraints (and IK rigs)

I did the same for my FPS too! For me there wasn’t a problem. Apply loc/rot/scale of model, bake your animations in several stripes and export it via ogre.

how did you export the material? I dont get this part. I keep getting material missing when jme try to convert. I did get models to work but they weren’t animated.

Materials should be exported normally. It could be that you have to apply the UV mapping, but else there is nothing anymore. Do you wanna use blender materials?

I was using make Human and i m not quite sure where the texture is. It s kinda draw into the model i think?

In texture panel you can see the source of texture :

if it is disabled then the texture is packed in to the model.

You better put your make human model in your game asset directory then convert it to .blend or ogre then load it in JME. (You can also give a try to Xbuf exporter for blender)

Thank you i almost got it working as it should. I baked the animation and everything seem to work as intend or almost as intended



I use xbuf since some time now and it’s working flawlessly for bone animation. You really should give it a try.


I wish jmonkey had full support for constraint. It could give better result in real time no? Or would it be too heavy?


hahaha xD But would it be too heavy? If I ever start working on something like that do you think it would drain to much cpu power?

Well we could have a set of basic constraints like transform contraints. But what’s actually pretty useful is more IK.
Also it’s only useful for dynamic animation…
Also about it being heavy… yes it can… but yes it can be bearable…
You don’t always want 400 moving skeletons with constraints on screen… Many games have IK constraints for their characters.
Though we’ll never have all the type of constraints you can have in blender.

That why the IK and the Rotation and translation would be awesome as a support. I ve seen some one post in 2012 talking about implementing the IK.