Blender to JME3 for dummies


I’m new here and I would ask if someone was so very kind and make any instructions on how to get Blender objects to JME3. Most would appreciate a simple tutorial on youtube. For example realy basic object such as cube with any UV maps and import them into JME3. I installed ogre eporter in blender but I do not know how to continue. I’m really a beginner in the world of 3D as well as in programming but I would love to be more familiar with it and without this I can´t move forward.

Thank you very much for your help!!!

There are plenty of good tutorials on youtube and other places for how to texture and export objects. The only issue that I ever really encounter is the export settings, these are the settings I use for blender .obj:

v Selection Only

v Apply Modifiers

v Include Edges

v Include Normals

v Include UVs

v Write Materials

v Object as OBJ Groups ← This one is important, default is Object as OBJ Objects

v Keep Vertex Order

As for how to import it into JME, there is an example in the JMETest project called “”, as you will ind there, the magic is done in one single line:


// create the geometry and attach it

Geometry teaGeom = (Geometry) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Teapot/Teapot.obj”);


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Thank you for really fast reply!!

I have no problem with use object via assetManager. I was looked on few videos how to use blender and how to use objects in JME3 but I have still problem with export from blender and import in JME3. I really appreciate if someone can make any simple manual how to do it. Best is any video.

Really THANKS!!!

If you don’t want animations, etc then:

Take .blend file.

Drag into project assets folder.

Right click->Convert to j3o.

Open j3o in scene exporer - you can see that it imported fine and what is in it.

However if you are new to both 3d modelling and programming then you are going to struggle, games programming and 3d modelling are both advanced and different skills.