Blender to ogre export

Hi Folks,

I have checked the forum topics and I saw, there are lots of similar questions been there, but maybe my problem is a bit differ.
I have a model downloaded from a public site in obj format. The directory contains an .obj, a .mtl, a .tga and some .jpg files.
I use the jmonkeyengine SDK 3.1 and its bounded blender (2.78). I have installed the ogre XML tool trough Tools>OGRE XML>Install Blender OgreXML, and I test it by a simple cube, seems to work.
When I import the model above, there is no error, but the OGRE XML export menu item is inactive under the export menu. I am in object mode.
Can anybody help me?

Okay, this is weird… Did you select the model in object mode? If you did not, check again and see if the option is available now.

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That script in 3.1 is corrupt.

Use the 0.6.0 found here.

This is not related to your problem, just a heads up.


I have changed script without success.
I tried to select / deselect the entire model, but nothing. Even, I don’t have more mode, only the Object mode is available.