BlenderLoader animation questions

I have two issues with the BlenderLoader (a testcase is attached at the end of this post)

If I add an armature-modifier to a mesh and create an animation the BlenderLoader doesn’t load this animation. If I add a second mesh to the scene in blender and share the animation of the first one with the second, the animation will be played on one object. Now to be really confusing: If I add a third one to the scene, the BlenderLoader will load and play the animations of two of the three boxes.

I’ve got this problem since I’ve updated the jme with the latest svn-version.

The second is when I try to convert the blend-files to j3o-files. This works fine until I try to load the j3o-file with the assetManager.loadModel-Method, Then I’m getting a null pointer because there is one bone without a name (which is interesting because there is just one bone in the blender scene and this one has a name)

I don’t know if this is a problem in blender or with the jme, so I attached both files:



No suggestions?


@nehon: hey thank you : )

I’ll look for updates from this little genius.

I’m resurrecting this thread, it seems the loader builds a map of animations in the blender key and fetch them when loading an armature modifier…

But the code to build this animation map is never called…so no anim is loaded…

I’ll keep you informed while if i manage to make it work.

@Kaelthas feel free to jump in. :wink: