BlendSwap Arcade Submission: Catch The Chickens

Catch all the 13 chickens in 30 seconds.
Chickens are placed inside as well as on the roof of the building.
You have got an extra power to penetrate through walls :slight_smile:

GitHub Repo: GitHub - quartz1/jmonkeyContest: jmonkey blendSwap contest

Downloadable executable:


Its simple but makes fun. I have collected all 13 chickens.

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I feel like Leroy Jenkins, “At least I got chicken” xD

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I missed this one…

Downloading it now!

Argh… I only found 6 chickens >.< Are you SURE there are 13?? :wink:

Gonna keep at it til I can say I am a chicken catching master

HAH!!! I got 10… I forgot about the balconies

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