BlendSwap Arcade Submission: Corporate Window Washer Strike Force

Hey everyone!! Calling in super close to the time, but… I have my submission! Presenting… Corporate Window Washer Strike Force!!! (I totally didn’t use :wink: )
So, in this game, there are six levels: each side of the building. You are a window-washing ogre, and you need to clean the windows of the corporate Monkey headquarters!! Yes, this is quite a daunting task; climbing up the sides of buildings in order to wash the windows… But you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?? WATCH OUT FOR THE THINGS MONKEYS ARE CHUCKING OUT OF WINDOWS!! If you get hit a couple times, you’ll fall down to the bottom and have to start over again :frowning: And to make it fun, each level is randomly generated and you can play it as many times as you want. ALSO!!! By going through each level, you’ll earn points!! You can buy things to help you out with those points: a super jump potion, an invincibility sammich, or GEE WHIZ A DOUBLE JUMP JETPACK AHHHH!!! (current prototype in the works) (do not eat) (do not leave unattended) (do not operate motor vehicles) (that’s no moon)

But yeah, all in all, it’s a fun platformer-ish game =D

Something I forgot in game is the store prices:

If I were you, I’d go through the first levels a couple times to earn enough money for the jetpack XD
oh yeah, you can go around the blocks…

W: Walk Forward
A: Rotate/Strafe Left
S: Walk Backward
D: Rotate/Strafe Right
Space: Jump
Enter: Shift Level
Click: Clean Window/Buy things
C: Reset Level;
F: Use Jump Potion
R: Go Invincible
Z: Exit level
Esc: Exit game

To buy things in the shop, just click on the item you want.
(you can only buy the jetpack once)



(Untested on Linux and Mac… Works on Windows though)


Play fullscreen 1440x900, it’s fun :wink:
ENJOY EVERYONE!!! And thanks so much to the community and the devs for this awesome engine!! It was great just to be able to pick it up and go…


btw you have to be relatively close to the window to clean it…
also if you have any experience with climbing stuff in mmo’s it will aid you well XD