BlendSwap Arcade Submission: Fire Department

Hello Everyone!

I’ve just wrapped up my attempt at the BlendSwap Arcade Game and here it is.

The game is called Fire Department!

Simply stop the fire from spreading around the building by running around and putting water on it.

Extinguishing 100 fires will save the building and make you a hero, allowing the fire to spread to much and you lose the building!

Probably won’t win the competition, but it did give me some experience working within the rules and with the model, and I think I learned a lot and
made some progress!

As per the competition rules the game is completely available here on my github

Also is available for download as a compiled game here on my dropbox

Thanks for reading!


I failed miserably! I still needed to put out 96 fires when I lost the building! =)>

This is really cool… gonna play it a bit more and see if I simply suck or not.

EDIT: I’m getting better! 36 more and I would have won =)



My next mission is to make this android, my biggest obstacles (and same for any game) is proper controls for a touch screen.

Perhaps I need to look at the joystick I saw in your bugs game.

Nice. Simple, but cool game. Plus, you log when someone removes a fire :slight_smile: