Block-Ed block model editor

I posted some screen shots and stuff in the monthly screen shots thread but I thought I’d give it a more official topic now that I’ve hit 1.1.0.

You can download the latest version here: (15 mb)

Added in this version are different block sizes and some additional in-game help describing what the mouse does. Also, the block tools will now highlight the block that will be deleted for erase/replace operations.

It still only loads/saves/exports from the current directory.

This is pretty much all I will do for my kids’ project. On my to-do list is an eye-dropper tool and undo/redo. For now, just hit ctrl-S a lot to save. My kids probably wouldn’t have used undo/redo anyway.

Some screen shots…

The castle from before:

A weird thing I made by adding big blocks and carving smaller ones out of it:

A little thatched cottage or something:

Showing the placement and removal cursor highlighting:

A demo video:


Looks great… I wish I could do in a month or two of solid work what you do in your “little” side projects. :wink:

Thanks. It helps that the “hard” parts were already written in this case.

Added a video link. I put together a (sort of long) demo video of using the app.

Made this with the editor:



very good tool!

are there any keyboard mapping for placing/changing/removing?

Nah, sorry. Just mouse buttons.

Looks great !