BlockMaze 16 release: Create mazes in program (source included)

Block Maze 16 is done.

This program uses keyboard commands to build/load/save maps and comes equipped with simple in-program help.

(You can also walk around in your creations)

(Comes complete with source code)

Looking to form a team to create an extended project.

Download from this link:


Really cool, works like a charm, congrats to the good work. Especially this simple version should be a good kickstart for many who want to build a boxworld, nicely packed as a jMP project :slight_smile: Would you care to make this thing a bit more polished and add it to the contributions update center? You basically just need to follow these instructions to set up a plugin project and then use the “New File” wizard to create a “Project Template”, then point at your project.



Thanks, Norman! I should probably reprogram it so it doen’t umm, actually use boxmeshes. Whoops. (I just read the description of a boxworld on a mouseover of your comment).

New DL location:

This appears to have been written for Windows. I’m on a Mac book 10.6.8 and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m one of the stupid people that can’t run source code, so if I cant point and click it doesn’t work.

Go into the “dist” folder and double-click “MyGame”

downloading now, but the site is very slow (maybe its just me), consider something like dropbox in the future :slight_smile:

Edit: very nice :slight_smile:

f12 brings up a widgets bar on my mac but does not seem to affect the program.