Bloom filter - glow bright areas

So I have been playing around with the bloom filter recently and I really like the effect I get when the bloom is set on scene mode because it makes my objects look very shiny where the sun hits them. However, I only want a few objects like this, not walls or other scene parts, just a couple objects that I want to “glow” in the bright areas. I’m not talking about a glow map because that glows regardless of the lighting. I was just wondering if I could set a mode where bright parts of a certain object glow.

There is no build in way for doing this.

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Is there another way you know that this could be done? The effect is quite stunning =D

Well there is no simple way to do it …
You would have to have your own bloom filter that would instead of extracting bright areas from the rendered scene, would make another pass with only desired objects, and then extract from this render bright areas and do the blur processing on this.

You could also have 2 viewports that render to a frame buffer. One with only the objects you want to bloom and the stock filter, and one with out them, but the rest of the scene.
Then you would have to combine the rendered texture in a shader using depth to make the depth test yourself, and then apply the resulting texture on a full screen quad.