Is a tad obsessive.

I disagree completely.

Maybe bloom is the wrong word. I’m referring to the over exposure effect.

Yeah me too.

It changes at different times of day. I’ve spent hours tweaking it to get the look that I’m after. It’s not perfect but it’s the best I can balance at the moment given that ambient is not (yet) under environmental control. When that happens at some point, I get to spend another long session tweaking all of the different parameters at all times of day (usually about 3-4 hours worth of work if it goes well)… so I’ve been putting it off.

When I used to like to do things like take my 35 mm camera out and take nature shots, there were certain times a day you went out to take certain types of photos because the colors pop and wash differently. A few hours around morning and a few hours before sunset have some very specific colors and intensities that I try to replicate as closely as possible. For the other times of day, I reference my memories of landscape shots and try to get things to look right there.

The brightness of the sand during day time is another kind of compromise. I just haven’t found a good way to regulate the ‘fake’ HDR around it (there is fake HDR in for coming from inside to outside now)… and sand really should be bright. From far away, the beaches look very photogenic… and when there are deserts it will be exactly as intense as it should be. It’s maybe a little much when you are standing right on it at noon but I’m still working that out.