Boolean operations on polygons in jme3?

Does anyone know if it is possible to perform boolean set operations on polygons in jme3? For example, is it possible to compute the union of two spheres?

We are building an integrated computational environment that includes a 3d constructive solid geometry editor and it is based on jme3. I couldn’t find anything recent in the forums or the tutorials about this. We would gladly consider creating this functionality and contributing it to the source if it is not already available.

Apologies if this post shows up twice. I tried to post it a first time, but it didn’t appear and I think it was because I did not choose a group forum entry.


For reference:

Well possible yes, since you have direct acces to the underlying vertex ect buffer, however as far as I know there is no build in System to do high level operations . You need to implement this yourself.

If i remember correctly several month ago there was someone working on something like this, try forum search maybee you find the post and can contact him I guess he can give you more details.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. Thanks very much for your response! I’ll double check the forums and we’ll look at implementing something ourself.


if you cant find solution, seek blender boolean operation. It should be opensource.

theory is here: