Borderless window

Is there a way to get a borderless window with jME? I just want to get the straight graphic display.

I don’t believe this is possible in LWJGL, so no. I’ve seen it done with JOGL though, so we may be able to support it in the future.

In LWJGL, they are now using SWT for the non-fullscreen windowing. Using an SWTCanvas on just an simple shell you can create a borderless window that is OpenGL ready. Now, just to convice jME to start using the SWT features of LWJGL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this is kind of cool in linux because from my understanding, if the rendering surface is the same as the current X desktop screen then the driver switches into nice fullscreen accelerated mode. That is because in linux there really is no such thing as a true fullscreen mode. Again, as far as my understanding goes :slight_smile:

This is definitely a must-have. All the good games provide reasonable multi-monitor support nowadays, meaning: running fullscreen on primary and being able to move the mouse to the secondary, maybe even pausing the game (or at least disable sounds) if it loses focus, An alternative would be to have an option “don’t bind mouse” which essentially does the same thing and is actually better because you can run fullscreen at lower than natural resólution and having somewhat proper multi-monitor setups working (Win10).

12 years old topic :open_mouth:.

Afaik the thing that’s missing regarding the multi monitor support is the possibility to stretch the game on multiple monitors, but everything you said is already supported… pause on lost focus is on by default, the fullscreen on a single monitor shouldn’t cause any issue, and you can unbind the mouse when you want…
So i’m not sure what is the problem here.


Actually my game is border-less and can stretch across multiple displays. Just use the “fake” full screen mode. All the things above are possible now.