Bouding, collision

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about bounding box,sphere… and about collision

1,boundingbox,sphere are used to check if the computer have to draw something or not.

are they also used to check collision ? (I"m sure orientedboundingbox is used for collision, but these two ? )

2.somehow I feel that to draw those thing, computer will lose a bit of energy (speed)

Sphere<Box<OrientedBox<Boundingcapsule  is that the energy level ?

3. I managed to find the collision between Box vs Box

but I wonder about model vs model.

let it be a human vs a box.

then what kind of bounding should I use?

cause I used 2 orientedoundingbox, and when the box get throught the skin and goes into stomach then I get the collision.

??? (the bullet was too fast, and the nerv of my model didnt get it (i used matrix speed to make them hit eachother(very slow)))

a,can I make a custom bounding around the model? if yes, how?

b,can I tell jme to create a bounding box at x location on the mesh(how big it is and so on), and create another box at its head … then merge them all into a boundingsomething to cover the whole body ?

I need exact collision, otherwise I would create a skinny female and a big sumo, when the female get a bit near the sumo, then the sumo will fly away (super barrier ^^)

4.yeah, can I resize and reshape the boundingxxx ?

I was hoping to see some more examples. May be if you could create some more and show us mortals some tricks :wink:


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