Bounding box is not rotating with Geometry box

Bounding box is not rotating with Geometry box. and I think it is just scaling.

how to prevent that?

It might be helpful to post some code, otherwise we won’t be of much help.
Also, if this is an AABB, this is just how they work. Hence the name “Axis Aligned” Bounding Box.

is there any other bounding box to rotate with geometry box? something that is not “Axis Aligned”?

Nope. You’d have to write one… as they are generally useless for anything efficient related to culling, etc… So the scene graph has no use for them.

Edit: note that non-AABBs are also super hard to calculate.

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Note: it might be helpful to know what you are actually trying to do. You are already in a strange place when you expect spatials to give this sort of information. There may have been many different choices along the way that would have led to somewhere completely different… that doesn’t require this.

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I onced tried to write some OBB Code and what should I say, I ragequit :smiley:
And you can always just transform the points by their inverse transform to have an AABB at (0, 0, 0)

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