Bounding question

hard to explain but i’ll try

i need to import a file with lots of individual parts(it’s a tree part of a jungle) and i don’t want jme to put a big bounding box around the whole thing i want it to bound them sepratly. I a fix for this export the trees sepratly and import sepratly but u don’t have to imagine how painful that’d be

If the model is composed of parts, then those parts will be loaded as nodes and have their own boundings.

hm it isn’t workin like that for me

psh forgot to change a few things it works now.

still got a problem with the default bounds there spheres i used jbr.setProperty("bound","box"); to set them to boxes but it just comes in one big box not seprate boxes for each one

What format are you importing from? Is it just a picture of a tree in the file you’re importing from, or a bunch of trees? Maybe the boxes are there: you just have to look closely. It should make both a big box around everythign and individual boxes if that’s how they are imported.

a bunch of trees,and i was thinkin i couldn’t see it either but i’m pretty sure it’s only 1 box

Well if it’s a bunch of trees inside the file you’re importing from, then it’s going to be a bounding volume of a bunch of trees in jME. I would suggest changing your model to have it be just one tree. Then import that and clone it multiple times.